TIN Search by Name: Know Your TIN No. State Wise Here!

TIN Search

If you are an entrepreneur or an SMB company planning to sell something offline or online, then it is important to be informed about the TIN number. In this article, we shall help you understand what is TIN number, TIN search, how to know your TIN and other things that might help you sell your products to the customers all over the world! 🙂

What is TIN?

TIN is a unique number used alternatively with VAT number. By opting TIN search by name or number, one can identify all tax related information associated with the dealer. 🙂

It helps Income Tax department to easily carry out the process of monitoring, directing, processing, accounting and collection of direct taxes under an online scheme.

While accessing dealer search criteria, you need to enter the TIN search no and all information regarding the business of the dealer or manufacturer will be available in front of you. 🙂

Abbreviation of TIN

TIN search stands for Tax Identification Number search and is allotted to a particular business company or enterprise which helps keep track of all the direct tax liabilities :O The TIN number is mainly tracked by the local Commercial Tax department where a dealer is registered in a respective state.

TIN Search

It is an 11 digit number which is used while entering into VAT transactions and every correspondence related to it. Further, it is quite useful in identifying dealers that are registered under VAT (Value added tax) 😉

First, two digits of the TIN number indicate the state code where it got issued while the next 9 digits may differ as per the government rules.

Where is TIN Used?

TIN search is required by both small and large enterprises while doing sales on products. It is mainly used by local Income tax department of particular state to keep track of direct taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT).

Considering this, it is important for traders, manufacturers and dealers to get registered and effectively use it for entering into sales and levying taxations on dealers.

How to Search TIN at www.tinxsys.com?

In order to perform TIN Search by Name, you need to follow below simple steps to visit Tinxsys website which is official platform for Tin Search. Here you go with the simple steps to follow!

  1. First, you need to access the dealer search page mentioned at tinxsys.com
  2. Then you need to click on the tab ‘Search By TIN’
  3. In the given box, you need to enter the TIN search no. that you want to verify in the text box.
  4. If the value of the TIN search number comes out to be valid, then all the details regarding TIN will be displayed.
  5. If the values are incorrect or invalid then it will show an error message with information displayed as “Invalid TIN search has been entered”. In that case, you would be required to enter the correct TIN no such that you can be directed to the main web page.

TIN Number Verification

How to Apply for TIN?

In order to apply for TIN search, you need to go through simple procedure mentioned in the official website of TIN NSDL. There are basically two ways of applying for TIN: online and offline method.

In order to apply online, you need to visit the official website of Tax Information Network. However, for those who opt for an offline method, you need to download and fill the form (TIN Application Form).

Once you have filled the form, submit it to the nearby centers. More information regarding the nearby centers can be collected from the website.

Further, you can stay updated with information related to IN-Facilitation Centers Cum PAN Centers. Once you have completed the procedure, you will receive a TIN search in a week and you will be able to Know Your TIN number.Know Your TIN number.

Documents Needed to Apply for TIN

There are certain mandatory documents required to be submitted while applying for TIN number. Below are the lists of documents;

  • ID proof of the proprietor firm.
  • Address proof
  • PAN card
  • 4-6 photographs
  • Address proof of business premises.
  • Sale or purchase invoice of the first sale.
  • Copy of GR/LR and payment collection proof including the Bank statement of transaction
  • Security/Surety/Reference information

TIN Application Form Download

The application form of TIN number can be downloaded easily from the official website. For individuals, who are going through problems while filling up the form they can follow the simple set of instructions available on site.

Who Needs TIN Search?

Registration for TIN search is mandatory for manufacturers, traders, dealers and exports. The TIN search number is issued to business or companies and is not applicable for individuals.

All the state-run commercial Tax departments of each state need to issue TIN search to the business companies and ensure that they are registered with the higher authorities.

The department of India should keep existing or new traders, dealers, exporters and manufacturers informed, about replacing TIN number with their old CST number and registrations.

This unique number helps tax department keep track of all types of sales entered by the company

TIN vs TAN vs VAT vs PAN vs DSC vs DIN

Those entrepreneurs who are aiming to start a new business must understand terms such as TIN search, VAT, TAN, PAN, DSC and DIN. It is important to understand the differences between them and what the importance of all of these taxes is;

#1 TIN / VAT: There is not much difference between Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) search or VAT or CST number. It is actually a unique number allotted by state government run commercial tax departments.

#2 TAN:It stands for Tax Deduction Account Number and is a 10 digit alphanumeric number allotted to those people who are required to submit TDS of TCS return. There is a penalty involved if anyone fails to apply for a TAN number. As a part of a TAN number, returns must be filed quarterly by businessmen.

#3 PAN: Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit unique number issued by the income tax department of India to each of taxpayer in India. It could be allotted to individuals, HUF’s, trusts, Foreign Citizens etc. Let me tell you that TAN and PAN are completely different.

#4 DSC: It is known as Digital Signature Certificates, which is used as a proof for individuals doing any online filing or transactions.

#5 DIN: Director Identification Number is issued to the director of a company which is used for registration of the company. It is required for making LLP registration in India.

Conclusion of TIN Search

TIN search is a unique number allotted to small or large scale startups and companies. It is used for tracking the transactions related to sales and monitored by commercial Tax departments of state governments.

In this TIN search article, we have provided details and every aspect relating to TIN Search, documents required to apply for TIN, how to apply for TIN NSDL, the difference between TIN, TAN, VAT, PAN, DSC and DIN etc. Stay tuned to our blog for latest updates of TIN Search! 🙂

So I hope you have made out enough about TIN search and the number verification overall.  If you have any kind of doubts regarding TIN number or search TIN, you can contact me at any point of time by using contact us page. Stay tuned to our blog for latest updates of TIN Search! 🙂